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By currently focusing its research and efforts on spirulina, Cyane aims to be a leader in France, with respect to the quantity and quality of its product. Our brand offers its customers products derived from innovative and ecological cultivation.

Cyane’s philosophy is to guarantee expertise and quality in order to meet customer expectations. Finally, whether you’re very young or old, or whether you’re an avid athleteor exercise only occasionally,, everyone will experience improved health and well-being.

The company’s Research and Development projects are certified by a competitiveness cluster: le Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique.

In order to foster closer relationships with its food supplement customers, Cyane has become a member of Synadiet (French Food Supplements Association).

High standard of quality.

Cyane products comply with the requirements of ISO standard 22000 which guarantees excellence to its customers and consumers through our expertise.

Our garantees


High quality production standards

From the strain to the finished product, we are committed to following the best practices in the food production chain,in order to provide a product of optimal quality.


A responsible product

Because we follow very strict production regulations and perform regular controls, we can ensure a healthy production environment. As a result, we maintain a balance without the use of pesticides andd’other toxic treatments.


Strict controls

Each of our production lots undergoes bacteriological, toxicological and nutritional controls (very strict in terms of bacteriology, toxicology and nutrition). Weare committed to maintaining these quality standards throughout our operation.